Monday, May 27, 2019
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Crop evaluation and Agronomic Field Trials

The Crop evaluation and Agronomic Field Trials Section offers its expertise and resources to conduct field crop agronomy experimentation for industry on a fee-for-service contract basis. With its network of field research staff and mobile small plot research equipment strategically located in South Italy area, contract research can be conducted across the Region, or in specific location to meet the client's needs.

The extensive network of field trial sites operated by this group for the South Italy provides a strong platform for contract research for industry in such areas as:

  • Field testing lines from breeding programs

  • Management guidelines for new varieties

  • Maintaining the species and variety purity;

  • Field testing agricultural chemical treatments including herbicides, fungicides and insecticides and control strategies based on these

  • Fertilisers and nutrient suppliments for field crops.

Research contract arrangements can be structured to meet individual clients’ requirements, ranging from provision of specialist equipment and skilled operators for field trial operations such as sowing, spraying and harvesting, through to provision of a complete research service, including trial design, site selection, seed and treatment preparation, full trial management, harvesting, sampling, analysis of results and report preparation.


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